Empowering: the act of equipping the saved for the work of Christ.

Bereavement Ministry

Mission: To be source of comfort and to assist in the collection of information for funerals, memorials, repasts, etc.

Brotherhood Ministry

Mission: To be a means for men of faith to serve, fellowship and mature spiritually within the body of Christ.

Christian Education Ministry

Mission: To provide the leadership with the skills necessary to identify, develop, implement, and support SMBC’s ministries such that church and community members are empowered. To ensure that ministries are pursuing their mission and that that mission promotes and supports SMBC’s mission.

Cleaning Ministry

Mission: To display the motto that “cleanliness is next to godliness” and to enhance the physical appearance of the church by providing consistent, through cleaning of the interior areas of the church on a routine basis.

Deacons’ Ministry

Mission: To express the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by serving faithfully and sacrificing diligently for the purposes of glorifying God and supporting our Pastor’s vision. To provide lifelong learning opportunities for the membership and community, empowering each individual to acquire the skills needed to trust God, increase their faith and succeed in a changing world. To be used as Vessels of Christ, to take the lead in serving at SMBC and to support the Church’s broader mission of “Extending the Ministry of Jesus Christ through evangelizing the doomed, empowering the disciple and exalting the divine.”

Deaconess Ministry

Mission: To lead the people to God and help them believe in God by assisting the Pastor in developing the spiritual life of the women and girls of the Church; working with the Pastor and Deacon Ministry in visiting members of the Church; and assisting in the preparation of the ordinances of the Church.

Equipped and Empowered for Employment (E3) Jobs Ministry

Mission: To deliver resources that allow members to build and enhance their skill sets as they use them to glorify God through service and the production of assets that contribute to His kingdom.

History Committee

Mission: We collect and document significant SMBC events to ensure that an accurate history is maintained.

Living Healthy for Our Lord (LHL) Health & Wellness Ministry

Mission: To educate others and exemplify Christ – Centered Concepts of holistic health by encouraging increased physical activity, recipe alternatives and general lifestyle improvement.

Media/Audio Visual

Mission: To ensure the audio and video recording of each worship service for creation of disks for dissemination and to ensure the proper functioning of audio – enhancements, microphones, amplifiers, etc. 

Mothers’ Ministry

Mission: To provide a strong, loving attitude toward the younger mothers of the Church; to provide guidance according to the Word of God, and to serve as an example of love, faith, devotion and commitment for the younger women; to work closely with the Deacon and Deaconess Ministries to ensure that the needs within our church family are met.

Nurses’ Guild Ministry

Mission: To provide comfort and support to members and guests experiencing minor health issues during worship services, funerals and special events. 

Pastor’s Aide

Mission: To aid and support the Pastor spiritually, professionally and personally. To aid the Pastor by seeking to honor his personal requests as they relate to the church mission and his vision so that he may faithfully and effectively fulfill his pastoral duties.

Saved & Social Media Ministry

Mission: To share SMBC news and events through various social media outlets. 

Security Ministry

Mission: To ensure a safe, secure and distraction free environment for those who arrive for worship and other scheduled events at Shiloh.

Shiloh Community Ministries of Atlanta, Inc. – 501(c)(3) Entity

Mission: To enhance the standard of living and quality of life within the West End Community. To provide business management services for SMBC as it conducts focused programs of education, job skills enhancement, professional skills development and provides computer access, outreach ministries and a summer camp for our youth.

Singles Ministry

Mission: To provide a place for unmarried individuals to foster wholeness through a closer relationship with God.

Sisterhood Ministry

Mission: To provide spiritual guidance and physical assistance to the elderly and less fortunate members of the church and community by helping to provide the basic necessities of life; to give support and comfort to the bereaved, provide aid to the ill, confined and elderly and to treat everyone with compassion, understanding, sincerity and Christian Love.

Sunday School

Mission: To help believers reach their highest level of Godliness and potential in Christ through the study of God’s word.

Youth Ministry

Mission: To engage and educate today’s youth and to encourage their spiritual growth.