Exalting: the act of lifting up, magnifying, praising the divine.

C. J. Gresham Courtesy Guild

Mission: To support the mission of the church by helping to lead people to God and encouraging them to believe, love and walk with Him each day of their lives by extending acts of courtesy to the pastor, ministries, members of the congregation and the community.

Music Ministry

Mission: To act as a vehicle to usher in the presence of God and to enhance the worship service. To create an atmosphere conducive to worship such that each person in the congregation is able to experience Christ on a personal level.

Usher Ministry

Mission: To demonstrate the “Spirit of Jesus Christ” as we accommodate the needs of congregants by offering a pleasant greeting, assisting with the finding of seats and the creation of a comfortable, loving and orderly worship experience (1) that is spirit filled for the members and (2) that encourages non – members to join.