Evangelizing – the act of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who don’t know Him or His saving grace.

All Missions/Outreach Ministry

Mission: To foster actions and attitudes of sowing, growing, shining and serving all of God’s People through Discipleship, Evangelism, and Benevolence; to assist in the restoration and the provision of hope for church members and members of the community, and to partner with church leadership to put Christian faith into action through outreach activities.

The Gideon Mission Circle

Mission: To perform our Christian duty, by serving as an outreach ministry by introducing Christ to the unsaved; to multiply God’s Fold; and to aid our brothers and sisters already in Christ and to encourage increased faith, growth in grace and unity and spiritual maturity.

Garments of Grace Clothes Closet and Meals of Mercy Food Pantry

Mission: To provide clothing and non – perishable food to community and church members who are in need due to financial distress or other life circumstances. 

Prison Ministry

Mission: To provide spiritual and emotional support to members and their family members affected by the criminal justice system; to offer the love, hope, encouragement and peace of Jesus Christ to incarcerated individuals; to provide educational programs to aid in the prevention of incarceration and to empower people, especially youth, in combating the injustices of the penal system. Moreover, it is to provide aftercare assistance to aid ex – offenders in re – entry into society for wholesome, abundant living.

Shiloh Outreach Tutorial Service

Mission: To assist the students of M. Agnes Jones Elementary School improve in reading, writing, math and comprehension skills.

Transportation Ministry

Mission: To transport those desiring fellowship at SMBC to worship services and other events.

We Care Ministry

Mission: To serve the community by identifying the needs of the community and to provide meals and a source of fellowship during Holidays times, and in the process, to lead others to Christ through sharing and showing the ways of Christ.