Extending the Ministry of Jesus Christ through Evangelizing the Doomed, Empowering the Disciple and Exalting the Divine.


At Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, we envision a church where the gospel of Jesus Christ is the subject and the spotlight for all we do; where the salvation of souls is the standard, not the exception; where service is considered a privilege not a burden;

Where people find real help to real problems and experience real change through the power of the Holy Spirit;

Where the infallible Word of God is exalted in authority, studied with expectation, taught with relevance, heard with anticipation and obeyed with passion;

Where prayer is the center and the circumference for all that we do and every initiative we take;

Where innovative ministries help us accomplish our mission; where past traditions become the spring board for fresh, cutting-edge ministries; where believers are empowered and entrusted with the work of the ministry; where authentic fellowship takes place with fellow believers to further the cause of Christ.

Where God is worshipped joyfully and reverently; where the music is Christ-centered and exalts the divine; where worship is the essential event that encourages believers and transforms them into the victorious army of our Lord;

Where the issues of our culture are seriously addressed; where the community expects to find a viewpoint to their plight, both practically and Godly.